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Educational: 4.5
Overall Design: 4.8
Ease of Use: 4.6

(4.0 = good, 4.5 = very
good, 5.0 = excellent)

The Cluefinder programs for the 5th and 6th Grade levels are of comparable quality to the program we are describing here. The order links are below.

Cluefinders 5th Grade

Cluefinders 6th Grade

3rd Grade Adventures

Publisher:  The Learning Company

Learning Areas: Exercises and tests skills and knowledge in math, reading, science, history, map reading and geography

Age Range: 7 - 9  Grades: end of grade 2, 3, & early
grade 4

Minimum Reqs:  Win 95/98 or Mac 7.1 (see below for detail)

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The Clue Finders are two "clue finding" kids - Joni and Santiago - who are visiting their uncle Dr. Horace Pythagorus deep in the Numerian jungle. They discover that animals are disappearing, Goo Lagoon is being polluted and their uncle has been kidnapped. They hear a legend about Mathra a mythic flying monster. In order to find their uncle, they must find two golden keys that will give them access to an ancient "lost city" where they believe he is being held captive.

As you travel through "Monkey Kingdom" , "Goo Lagoon" and "Jungle Canopy ", you will gather clues and learn about the story. You are presented with challenges that require skills in math, logic, language arts, science and geography.

By solving the challenges, you gain clues that let you advance. You have to solve all the challenges in the first two areas before you can advance to "Jungle Canopy " and then finally to "Lost City". As you enter the Lost City, you discover interesting plot twists in the story and a final set of challenges in order to free Uncle Horace.

The ADAPT system in the program allows each user to start at their appropriate skill level and automatically adjusts upward as the performance of the player increases. The Clue Finders act as guides offering assistance when needed. There are 24 different learning focused activities woven into the development of the story and the specific questions of each activity are new each time you play.

If you are using the program in a classroom, the deluxe edition has a tracking system that lets you view individual performance in each skill area of up to 99 users. It also has tailored workbooks and activities available, based on the different demonstrated skill levels of each user.

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" It was fun because you had to figure out what was going on, and get the right beetle bags at the same time, so we could get out of the lagoon. " Hillary, age 8

" My mom liked it because there were a bunch of talking flowers that sounded just like the Beatles. " David, age 9

" I couldn't wait to get to the end, to find out what happened. "Sam, age 10

The fun and adventurous story line makes equally this program appealing to both boys and girls. Because of the different types of learning, the program is engaging to the child who loves variety. The program's strength is in reinforcing and embedding existing skills in basic reading, language skills, math, and logical thinking which they are learning in the classroom.

This program also builds self confidence because of the immediate and continuous feedback they get as they progress. With 4 skill levels possible the program ranges from the late grade 2, to grade 3 and early grade 4 .

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In the Clue Finders series, you become directly involved in a great adventure story where you are the director deciding where to go and what to do next. What this program does extremely well is interweave the development of the story with the exercises, thus keeping the interest level high for the users.

With our tester group, it often took four or five sittings to complete. The kids were motivated to come back each time to find the final answer to the mystery. The program provides ongoing entertainment because of the continuous unfolding of the twists and turns of the story.

This program is rich, in terms of the learning content, with a total of 54 specific and distinct learning activities in the areas of math, reading, language arts, geography and logic.

If practice and re-enforcement of existing skills and confidence building are what you are looking for, this is an excellent program. If you want a program that is really going to engage them, this program (as a matter of fact, the whole Cluefinder series) is exceptionally well done.
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Platform: PowerMac™ :, RAM : 16MB, Hard Drive: 20MB, Video : 256 colour or better, CD-ROM: 4X or better, Other: Requires a 100 Mhz PowerPC or better

Platform: Windows® 3.1,: CPU : 486/66Mhz or better, RAM : 8MB, Hard Drive: 80MB, Video : 256 colour or better, CD-ROM: 2X or better, Sound : Windows compliant sound device Mouse :

Platform: Windows® 95/98 CPU : 486/66Mhz or better, RAM : 16MB, Hard Drive: 80MB, Video : Super VGA (640x480x256 colour), CD-ROM: 4X or better, Sound : Windows compliant sound device

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