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Educational: 4.6
Overall Design: 4.5
Ease of Use: 4.3

(4.0 = good, 4.5 = very
good, 5.0 = excellent)

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Grade 1

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Time, Money & Fractions

Multiplication & Division

On Track Math Series
K to Grades 3/4

Publisher:  School Zone Interactive

Learning Areas For Transition Math: Number recognition, counting, identifying numbers in sequence, relative values (greater or less than), basic addition and subtraction, geometric shapes, introduction to fractions, telling time, and currency value (pennies, nickels, dimes etc.)

Age Range: 3 -5  Grades: Kindergarten & Grade 1

Minimum Reqs:  Win 95/98, or Mac OS 7.6.1
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Electronic workbooks, a simple idea, and a very good one. The On Track Math software series – kindergarten to Grade 4 - are electronic workbooks that make math practice a more engaging and a more effective learning experience. The program we profile here is the junior math program – Transition Math - which is for the Kindergarten/Grade 1 level. The other programs in the series are listed and linked at the left and follow the same format, as the one we profile here.

On Track Math starts with a narrated introduction on how the program works and then opens onto the first exercise. The narrator reads the exercise's task written at the top of the page (see right) and away you go. When you have completed the page, click on the green arrow and find out which ones you got right. The learner can then choose to go on to the next page, or go back and make any corrections.

After every two pages of exercises completed, you then get to play a game and then, move on to the next two exercises. The exercises are progressive and the graphics and animation on the pages will keep the attention of the learner as they work.

Each program has 30 exercises pages and if you choose to start again, the specific questions on each of the exercise pages will change, giving you essentially a whole new set of exercises.

The program tracks the learner's progress through the exercises which you can see at the bottom of the page. You also can access the specific scores on each exercise. If you are assisting a child, you can easily spot the exercises where there are errors, and return with the child to that exercise page and make the corrections together.

As the exercises become more challenging, there is a help button and the voice over narrator will give you further explanation of the question and offer examples to help the learner understand how to do the exercise's problem. This is a good example of the added value of an electronic workbook. If you still like the idea of printed sheet and paper , you can print off any of the exercise pages and all programs come with all the exercises that are on the CD, in a full size printed workbook.

On Track Math - Grade 1, at the top left, covers many of the same skills at a slightly higher level of difficulty. The Grade 2 program introduces two and three digit addition and subtraction, as well as basic multiplication. The Grade 3 program again goes to a more advanced level in these skills, as well as introduces division.

If you are interested a math program that focuses on specific skills, Time, Money, and Fractions (see left) goes into greater depth in these areas and is suitable for children Grades 1- 3 or for remedial activity. Similarly, Multiplication and Division is a more in depth in these areas for Grades 3 & 4 and remedial.

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Drag and Drop the Right Number

Spotting Numbers in the Picture

Number Sequence

Drawing By Numbers

"My daughter really enjoys these programs, the graphics are great and it's easy for me to really see how she is doing."
– Marion, mother of Ariana, age 8

"What I really like about these workbooks is that you can reset the program and all the questions are new. These programs are ones my kids enjoy and are a really good value."
- Janet, mother of Penny and Cathy, ages 4 and 6

" I was able to learn very quickly where my son was having difficulty with his math by watching him do the exercises. I knew where he needed help and was able to assist him."
- Linda, mother of Peter, age 6

For any parent who wants to ensure that their child is getting their basic math skills in place. This is also a great way to start getting young ones into the habit of doing independent work at home, as well as a way for a parent to really be able to see how their child is doing in the fundamentals of math. Given the fact that the specific questions in the program can be reset, this would be an excellent tool with lots of usage value for a parent who is doing home schooling.

If you are a teacher and have adequate computer resources available in your classroom or school, these electronic workbooks will engage your students to want to do the drill/practice needed to embed the basic skills.

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So much of learning the basics of math, once you have started to grasp the concepts, is practice, practice, and more practice. To understand the techniques is the first step, but to be able to do basic math functions fast and easily, is an embedded skill that requires practice. The On Track Math series delivers lots of practice, as well as assistance in understanding the knowledge component - which is how do you do this.

The next step is providing an experience that young kids will enjoy (and therefore they will do on their own or with some support and encouragement). The On Track Math programs do this very well with engaging graphics and animation and a great balance of activity and reward, in the form of game activities interspersed within the progression of exercises.

Two of the great qualities of electronic work books as well, is that the learner gets immediate feedback as they go, and the parent or teacher can easily see where the child is doing well, where they are having difficulty and be able to easily help them.

One reservation is that some of the games require quick response reflexes that may be beyond some younger kids. Click the green arrow and move on.

School Zone has been publishing workbooks for home and school for over twenty years, so when it came to creating electronic workbooks they had the right background to do this well. And this they have done.

- Kevin Dempsey teaches Grades 3 and 4 in Fort Ware, British Columbia and is a Learning Village reviewer.

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Platforms: Windows® & Macintosh - Microsoft® Windows 98/95 or higher, Mac® OS System 7.6.1 or higher, 32 MB RAM, * 640x480 16-bit color video, 16-Bit Sound Card, Pentium® 166MHz or faster processor, 50MB free disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, 32 MB RAM, 640x480 16-bit color video, PowerPC™ 150 MHz or faster processor, 50MB free disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive

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