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Learning Village reviews educational software and then recommends the best
. Our software guide reviews some of the best learning software we, as educators, have seen for either the home or classroom.
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An introduction to the world of educational software for children 4 -12. See more...

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Sim City 4 - SimCity was one of the very first simulation programs available and has proven to be one of the most continuously popular simulation programmes ever created. SimCity4 is the most recent evolution. See more....

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Piano Suite -Piano Suite Premier Bundle (i.e. it comes with a keyboard) is an exceptional interactive learn to play piano instruction program that integrates an electronic keyboard with your computer. See more....

Math Workshop Deluxe - Math Workshop Deluxe has become a real classic educational software program from Broderbund that makes practicing basic math skills an enjoyable series of games for younger learners and does this without compromising the learning value that comes with continuous practice. See more.....

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Let Go Our kids today face enormous pressures to perform. ADD has become common. Perhaps learning to really relax is the first step to being able to learn. See more...

Zoo Tycoon 2 Zoo Tycoon 2 is the Microsoft entry in what has become a growing segment of "tycoon" simulation programs, but with a very simple and engaging difference. This program is about taking care of animals, as well as designing and managing a zoo. See more...

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How Do You Choose Educational Software?
by Robert Shields
"As a teacher, parents often ask me which computer programs I would recommend for their children. Before I can offer a suggestion, I need to have some information such as...." See more.....

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As a result of your expressed interest, we have introduced on line & toll free ordering by phone of educational software on each review page. For more information click here.
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